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OK,This is Weird

Yesterday as I was roaming through my cafe posts, looking for a topic or food that would fill in the blanks and be a step to the next set of posts we will share together.  So, I decided on knives.  A good chat about knives, quality of knives, using knives and sharpening knives is in order.

What to my wondering eyes should appear...this morning in my e-mailbox was a new newsletter from Chef Jacob Burton.  What was the first thing I saw when I opened it: Techniques In Focus: Knife Skills.

Go figure.  Well, brother, we were on the same wavelength.  I am just gonna link folks into your site and let them view your awesome work!

So, check out the two links below and be sure to sign up for Chef Jacob's newsletter.  Jacob's stuff is always a worthwhile and fun read - or view.

Chef Jacob's Knife skills podcast:

Chef Jacob's Knife Skills e-Book:



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