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Simple Acorn Squash 1.0

Autumn cannot come and go without a plethora of squash foods and recipes.  So, today we are serving an acorn squash with a roasted onion and sausage filling.

Dice your onions and saute them until they start to brown or roast them in your favorite fashion.  Grind your favorite sausage and add to the sauted onions.  I put in some garlic (duh), a bit of ground rosemary and wine, along with a few spoonfuls of curry powder.

Bake the halfed acorn squash (scoop out seeds with an ice cream scoop) at about 350 for about an hour (or when just starting to get dark brown).  Add a scoop of the stuffing to each squash and return to the over nof 10 more minutes on 250.

Sometimes just a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom is a great finishing taste...but just a smidgen.