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Anticipated Increases of Food Costs - HYPER INFLATION

One of the things that is tough working with in a camp kitchen is the ongoing need for keeping costs per plate low (everybody everywhere can appreciate this dilemma) all of the time.  Now it is even more difficult to contend with.  The prices that are fore-casted and reported on a weekly basis can be just plain harrowing.

Even with a standardized retreat menu - capitalizing on the foods I can get the best deals on - there have been problems lately.

I wanted to take a step away from taste and food play for a minute to share with you a composite guide I found via a special report.  Take a look at this and be prepared for some shocking news.  With all of the federal talk of budgets and debt, the words in this report don't add any fluff to the forecasts.  Things are gonna get tough.

Today I will share the inflation news.  In another blog, we will take a look at crop failures and prices as a result there.  The report is at this link.




reprinted with permission of Mollie Katzen