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The Pies of Autumns

As the crisping air approaches and the "goldening" and "reddening" of the leaves comes to be, the heart and the mind and belly turn to the pies of autumn.  There is a title for you: "The Pies of Autumn".  Could it be a reality series?  I hope not!

Think about what you will be making this year and step out of form and mold and try a new recipe or two.  Mollie Katzen always has some really thought and taste provoking options for the season - http://www.molliekatzen.com/ so be sure to check her site out.  Her Sunlight Cafe cookbook is sensational.

I have noticed that we do not stray far from our standard menus in life.  It's funny, I hear a lot of grumbling about repetition of menus from folks (keeping the menus the same in the industry is driven by cost and risk factors), but in reality most folks never stray from the same set of dishes on a regular and routine basis.  So, why not take a personal oath to try and mix it up a bit this season.

Moosewood has a great pumpkin pie recipe that calls for NO SUGAR.  It uses maple syrup instead.  A worthy pie.  Or how about adding some dark chocolate squares to that apple pie?  Maybe a few pears.

Whatever the shake up, just give it a try.  Most of the main ingredients that lend themselves to the "pumpkin-pie-ness" of the pie; or the "apple-pie-ness" of the pie, will be the same.  The taste buds will be moored to the dock by cinnamon, butter, nutmeg and the like.  So go a little wild, and expand what you are able to taste, experience and appreciate!