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Technique + Ergonomics

The need for simple instruction in kitchen technique, ergonomics, and practice is something that all of us share.  Someone always has a new tidbit that we can learn from.  I hold this value dear, particularly when it comes to training others.

I like to periodically pull the staff aside at the kitchen and teach them something about what goes into the work we are doing or the food we are producing.  Whether it is building a roux, or layering flavor in a soup,  it is all vital.  Sometimes it is simple to show them the cleaning power that tomato sauce has on metal.  There is always something to teach or learn.

You need to find a good source for new technique data/information.  Where are you going to turn.  I highly recommend Mollie Katzen's videos online at: http://get-cooking.answerstv.com/AnswersTV/index.aspx  You really need to see these!

You should also take a look at Chef Jacob Burton's videocast series and listen to his podcasts.  He is also highly recommened.  You can find him at: http://freeculinaryschool.com/  The videocasts are half way down the page on the left...also on youtube under is name.

Establishing these connections and these places to go is establishing listening posts.  Listening posts are vital to helping us grow into who we are and can become.  Listening Posts article, by TJM.



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