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Inspired By Foxfire Appalachian Cookery

So, I am looking through my Foxfire Appalachian Cookery guide this morning for a bit of inspiration for the sweet potatoes at today's meal.  I am liking what they have listed but I want a bit of a twist, so I mixing up some of their savory dishes with the sweet potatoes.

I am grilling some sweet potato slices to garnish the dish with (thank goodness for the George Forman - grill absolutely anything - Grill).  In a pan of bacon fat with fresh crumbels of bacon and fresh gound-sausage crumbles from breakfast I am sauteing the diced sweet potatoes.  After 10 minutes they get steamed with a cup of water, two sprigs of rosemary, minced garlic (but of course) and a dash of curry powder.

Mmmm.  Hey, Grandpa, What's for supper...?

It helps listening to Willie Nelson while cooking..."Come on back Jesus, and pick up John Wayne on the way!!!"