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Inspired By Foxfire Appalachian Cookery

So, I am looking through my Foxfire Appalachian Cookery guide this morning for a bit of inspiration for the sweet potatoes at today's meal.  I am liking what they have listed but I want a bit of a twist, so I mixing up some of their savory dishes with the sweet potatoes.

I am grilling some sweet potato slices to garnish the dish with (thank goodness for the George Forman - grill absolutely anything - Grill).  In a pan of bacon fat with fresh crumbels of bacon and fresh gound-sausage crumbles from breakfast I am sauteing the diced sweet potatoes.  After 10 minutes they get steamed with a cup of water, two sprigs of rosemary, minced garlic (but of course) and a dash of curry powder.

Mmmm.  Hey, Grandpa, What's for supper...?

It helps listening to Willie Nelson while cooking..."Come on back Jesus, and pick up John Wayne on the way!!!"

BBQ on the Road

It has been way too long since I have posted in this blog...I am sharing a review of a local Philadelphia Restaurant that I have visited three times while staying over night for my new job.  This place is fun and sensational.  The time was made perfect by the dialogue I had with the owner, who came out to see how I liked their BBQ.  He did not know - I am sure - that he was in for QUITE A RANT.  But, that is what he got.

The Restaurant is the Q BBQ + Tequila 
and it is on Chestnut Street just at 2nd.

This restaurant not only taunts your taste buds, but it is in a quiet spot in Olde Town.  Once you enter the door you get the sense that you have come home.  With all of the dark, rich wood of an upscale Boston Irish Pub, this place sets you at ease the minute you cross the threshold.  

The staff are prompt to tend to your every need and sensitive to know enough to leave you alone when you take an important call.  You can ask for specific and personal nuances with your meal and you get exactly what you want with no attitude...only attentiveness.  

Once the BBQ arrives that will be the focus of the rest of the evening.  You will try - and fail - to figure out the intricacies of each layer of flavoring.  Go ahead; see if you can figure out the base, the smoke, the rub, the finish.  It is tough.  

What I will tell you is that from the first bite until you hit the pillow you will drift in and out of being able to identify the fancy of the flavors you experienced at Q BBQ.  And still you won't really know, only get faint suggestions of flavor and hints of taste.

You want a real treat?  Ask to talk with Tom Stewart - one of the owners.  See if you can drag out of him any piece of what it is that sets his style apart from others.  You won't stand a chance.  Like a good son of North Carolina he hides his secrets behind the mystery and manners of Southern life and Southern ways.  His momma should be proud...slaw and BBQ recipes still intact.  He won't even share where he buys his fare to fix it all up.

I put a challenge to him that I know he will engage: "Give us something with bourbon and plums in the base; bourbon and prunes.". He can go wild on the rub and smoke, but let's  start with bourbon and plums.  I know he can do it.

Head out to this place and just relish the food, try to decipher the flavors, and get all jacked up on culinary layering.  It is a great place, with great people, and great food...you need to let food be a mystery every once in a while.  This here is a good place to do that.