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Mirepoix + Roux

Earlier in this blog we discussed Mirepoix (classic mix of diced onions (1 cup), diced carrots (1/2 c.), and diced celery (1/2 c.) sauteed in butter).  http://tjm-fathertomscafe.blogspot.com/2009/12/mirepoix-sensational-beginning.html

Today, while making a beef stew for the camp guests, I decided to blend two traditional food preparations.   I made the mirepoix first, sauteing it in one pound of butter.  When it was good and soft (since I wanted the vegetables for the layered taste - not vegetable content), I stirred in the 4 cups of flour.  I added 1 cup of wine and then moved the whole thing over (once the embellished roux had cooled) into the braising pan with the beef.

Wow...did it simmer into a fine stew.

Check out Chef Jacob's awesome little Roux Video on You Tube .  As with all of his other videos and podcast it is informative and brings cooking within everyone's' reach.  Wander over to www.freeculinaryschool.com to see the full array of services he offers.



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