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Inovation Drives the Use of Leftovers

For those of you who are running a kitchen for a restaurant or some venue of the hospitality industry, you know how maddening waste can be.  As the manager you are trying to maintain some level fiscal integrity and not waste, but you must always have enough on hand.

This is the same in the home kitchen.  You prepare enough food for the table at hand and then everyone's eating habits that day are different than the last time you prepared the same meal.  Arrrgh!

Taking some innovation into your own hands can help save the bottom line.  You can manage to stretch those leftovers into another meal if you do it right.

We end up with a lot of leftover rolls, bread, bagels, and buns in the course of a week.  It took about ten minutes to find a recipe on-line that would help us to alleviate this waste, use the bread products, and delight our guests.

I found a French toast casserole on-line that calls for the use of diced breads.  Mixing the bread all together so one tray of French toast is not all bagels, or all buns.  I save leftover bread stuffs in a big clear bag, and keep it in the freezer for our casserole day.  It is really a good recipe and has the hallmark taste of become a flagship dish.  It is just leftovers.

Soups are the same way.  I save all our leftovers of meat and vegetables.  If I have a ton of bacon, then I make a tomato basil bisque with bacon.  A lot of vegetables, then it is vegetarian vegetable.  Roast beef in abundance makes a nice beef barley.  On and on it goes.

Start taking stock of what seems to be leftover the most and then develop one or two recipes that will call for the use of these items.  Remember to make it sumptuous.  Since it is leftover, go the extra mile and order some fresh herbs or spices for its recreation.  You are already saving a bundle by the fact that its cost was consumed some other day.

Think this is just plain silly.  It is how the Caesar Salad was invented.  Check out its story - HERE.



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