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"Borscht, More Borscht" - Goethe

Ok, I'll come clean.  Goethe did not say, "Borscht, More Borscht" on his deathbed.  What he said was, "Light, more light." But, if I used that title, you would have no idea this was a post about BORSCHT.  Duh.

I must be on a mid-winter Balkans food-kick as yesterday I made stuffed cabbage (halupki) and today I am making Borscht.  I am excited to be able to use the beets I canned from the Amish folks this summer.  Elmer Stoltzfus and his family have great vegetables and they come to town Saturdays and Wednesdays (which, now that I am working close to home I can get to both days! Yeah!).  Their beets are no different.  I canned them in a water and garlic broth, not pickling.

I am using Mollie Katzen's sensational recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook (which has just had its 40th anniversary in print).  We won't talk about that, since I clearly remember buying it after it had just come out.  Mollie is a cook extraordinaire (and is in my top CHEFS/foodies category with Peter Reinhardt, Chef Jacob Burton, and Vincent Waugh).  She is also a WOW of an artist.  Her cookbooks have been adorned with her art since day one and has made them that much more a part of foodie culture - from the 60's forward.  She is top-shelf in both food and art categories and is a SUPER GIVING person who has helped shape a whole healthy food zeitgeist in our modern era.  Thanks, Mollie!!!

At any rate - you will have to get the recipe from her cookbook, as I won't divulge a fellow-foodie's secret recipe.  But, I will share that there are carrots, cabbage, beets, potatoes, onions, dill, tomatoes, caraway and more in the recipe.  And, I will tell you it is simply delish!!!!!  So, be sure to get the book today and grab the ingredients and get cooking.  http://www.amazon.com/Moosewood-Cookbook-Katzens-Classic-Cooking/dp/1580081304 (available in Kindle digital edition if you click the link to the 40th Anniversary edition in the upper left quadrant).

Also, be sure to take the optional tip ingredient (RAISINS) and add them!!!!

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