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Zummo's Cafe

Moving can always be a stressful moment in life for a college student.  A new town, a new school, a new life...there is a lot to process and become acclimated toward.  It helps if you can find a hangout that is a bridge.  Zachary transferred to Marywood University and he scoped out the town for a good coffee shop for him to connect with.  He found Zummo's, and WOW, what a find it was.

The place is jammed with unbelievable food.  Fresh muffins, quiches, salads and sandwiches.  The folks at our table had grilled turkey and cheese with bacon, signature salads with fruit and nuts, and THE BEST CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICHES around on some great whole grain pita.  Of course the baked and no baked snacks / sweets abounded as well.  And then, the espresso.  Enough said.

The place is clean and feels warm and inviting.  The counter and shop decor are a blend of old world cafe, progressive bakery, and shop for coffee lovers and aficianados - with all of the salable accoutrement you could desire for your home.  It is peppered with old photos of the site back in the day when it was a shoe repair shop owned by two brothers.

The micro-roasted coffees are wonderful.  They use a fine clover brewing process. And, you can even grab beans or ground roasts to take with you as well as fan-ware and mugs.  They believe in making things fresh and not skimping on quality.  Portions are monstrous and the freshness is noticeably impeccable.

I loved the place, the food, the feel.  I wish I lived in town so I could try out the soups, and fare everyday.  It'll just have to be good enough to stalk the place when visiting Zachary at Marywood University.  AWESOME PLACE FOLKS.  VISIT IT!  Its at 916 Marion Street, Scranton, PA.

Having it soooo close, it is really easy to get up on a day off and meet Zachary at Zummo's for breakfast and a fine brew.

GOOD Coffee is a communal thing.  

IT IS at Zummo's!

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