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Gyros on the Grill

The lore of GYROs (really pronounced Yeeeearros; like year and ros) runs deep and wide.  I have a couple of ways I like to prepare them.

Today I am cutting a boneless leg of lamb into steak size slices and grilling them on the outside grill with "COWBOY Hardwood Charcoal" which does a great job of smoking the meat if you close the lid and only half vent the vent.

Once it has some charred sections and is dripping smokey colored juices, I take it inside, dice it and throw it back on the grill in a caste-iron pan to finish it off.  Just leave the lid open.

While that is going on I get busy on the Tzatziki.  I grate 1 large cucumber, add 2 tbs of minced garlic, 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1 cup of yogurt (Stonyfield Farms is the best), 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, and dillweed and oregano to taste.  Mix it in a bowl and let it sit.  I add ribbons of fresh basil leaves sliced when it is in season.

Next the pitas.  This is an art.  Get whole wheat pitas.  Fill a caste-iron pan with 1/8 inch olive oil and heat on medium heat.  Once hot, drop a pita in the pan.  Spin it gently with your fingers 360 degrees.  Count 30 seconds and flip it.  Wait until it heats up enough to fill with air.  Once it fills with air, remove it and place it on a papertowel and pat off the excess oil.

When assembling them, I lay out foil sheets on the counter, build each Gyros with lettuce, Tzatziki, tomato slices, lamb and sometimes add a bit of feta.  Tonight I am not adding the feta.  I roll them in foil and let them steep for 15 minutes before we eat.

Of course, I am full from having dipped too much lamb in the Tzatziki sauce while prepping.

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